My name is Jessar Ahmed,

I am a sociable, dynamic, enterprising young man. Flexibility and preciseness are one of my strong qualities. Working in a team is something I experience as a nice and fun challenge. While I am doing my internship, I hope to develop further my qualities as an entrepreneur and gain more insight in the startup business.

About me

I had the unique opportunity to introduce myself in the business environment by doing an internship in Malaysia. Thanks to this experience I gained a better understanding in doing business with Asian companies and the start-up environment I always wanted get more insight about. By doing my internship I also gained a lot more experience in the marketing and sales field. This was a great opportunity to put my gained knowledge into practice


Addie Leong, marketing officer

Jessar welcomes new ideas, is willing to change, develops new ideas and strategies, is not bothered by ambiguity

Alden leong, strategy officer 


is very cooperative, works in harmony with others, adds to a positive environment

jessica lim, Project manager

jessar has a systematic method, gets the job done, highly organized, excels at planning, can distinguish between productive and nonproductive tasks.


Jessar Ahmed

Beersebaan 38

2275 Gierle


Tel. 014 55 60 98

GSM: 0488 288 570

E-mail: jessar014@gmail.com

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Tel. +32 488 244 570

Hotmail: jessar2403@hotmail.com
G-mail: jessar014@gmail.com

Address: Beersebaan 38, 2275 GIERLE




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